The Year Is One

by Once Them Edens

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Nuno Lourenço
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Nuno Lourenço When a band plays technical death metal with black metal riffs and some djenty ones and then adds it with post-rock ambiances ; when a band isnt afraid of going beyond the common places and defy the genres...then that is a band I will follow and support!
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The Year Is One is the album of the artistic elite and the struggling complexity; a series of cyclothymic events, a theatrical play where the beginning blends into the end. The dramatic personae collapse, as the puppeteer dances. Extremity modernized.


released July 30, 2013

Engineered & Mixed by John McRis
Mastered by Steve Lado
Illustration by Neopithecus



all rights reserved


Once Them Edens Αθήνα, Greece

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Track Name: All Flawed
On, as he dusts his dance treats his tricks disrupts his slumber.
On, as he stares and loops his bore puts on bliss his pace has quickened.

On, as he sets loose humble words drowns his movements, a low-priced pride.
Since when has this friendly bouncing bell stretched your madness, fool-proof son?

Shadowing each of fertilities gasping, grasping, all them meant to laugh yet him jester kneeled justly – they smiled to his gesture and God does he know if old jester perceived all along.
Off with haste, and off now with ease he too stands a child, now less do they please his needs and less does that comfort him.

Disposition’s been blurred and numbness been weakened well, what will it be? Guess is subtle for me. Curtains ego-fed tall coerced into free fall he injects his perfection in through a flawed role.
Off now with haste, and now more at ease he stands guilty a child, now less do they please his needs and hey now, that wouldn’t fit.
Track Name: On Par With I
A fair eye has been dealt with beauty
A rusty – clear response and pulse
A fair eye has been dealt with pleasure

Dormant he stands, yet he storms my grandeur Excerpts and fragments of I
Deviant conclusions engulf my surprise the noise that has welcomed you feels now a friend friendly enough to deflect your despair
Priceless, this humility/ succumbs to him
More or less it’s a profane fatigue
Inspiring, this humility.
Track Name: Penance Concrete
All debris is now most complete.

The fool hath said in his heart, “there is no God”.
They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. (Psalm 4.1)
This walk feels rough.

This dance is aching me, this thought, still perplexing me.

I dissect my honesty I dissolve in tranquility.
The bandit shakes cold, a priest shows up to fake some sense, a changeless sequence of events.
So apt I can touch – to be the first, yet feel the last a victim in progress – the auction of appetites ends.

I suspend my eagerness this fruit grotesque, my fruit grotesque ( Desecrate my Penance Concrete/ all debris is now most complete.
Track Name: ...And Yet, He Gazes
Repetitive nuisance is vivid
the fright of a flawless deduction
what matters the most is amusing to mock
they clap for the least valued act –
dead end ricochet

Father’s face looks sharp
Mother’s face looks strange

Strangely, the figure slips what Judge would make a crime out of him? god’s parody, the audience ecstatic, I too stand surprised
He reaches for aid while their noises distract he pleaded his weakness – puzzling the story evermore yet censored the parts that only a jester would relate to,
they nodded in ignorance, may their innocence rest safe with their creed Oh naughty I’ve been, common I, to give it a thought or two
-Mother your face looks sad.

The race to run I’ve cornered my shame assumptions spared; disturbance is now beyond any need
Breathe in the words the writer injects in his parchments
Puke out them thoughts the writer rejects in his parchments
Track Name: The Gospel Grotesque
Allegiant memories oppressed
my foe, you’re now a friend
warm-hearted voice pierces through
help me, drudge, help me, drudge!

Obedient memories reversed
my foe, you’re now a friend
cold-hearted screech exhaled
hold me, drudge, hold me, drudge!

(Abstract images collide and form a scenery of shapeless grid
Among all flickering spots of ill, the torch of odd)

Broken conditions are altered God’s pretty face has been scarred

The son, touched his grin puked his preach
swallowed nothing but false expectations
butchering his self-respect,
discipline with holy content.

The son, this mighty freak stuttered his preach
sharing nothing but dark expectations
slaughtering his self-commitment
God’s pretty face been scarred at last.

This sense has slackened
oh slack, breed contention
is this legitimate to be contagious of desolation?
Such change is untold
the downfall is an upping road (as) seen from above
as all believed and all are thought
inspired and blocked.

Neither free nor imprisoned
Order come, befriend my reason
Suck my beauty, be deformed
such a horrific perfected perversion

Tat Twam Asi
Track Name: All Shed
Aptly obsessed
greatly diverse
Fundaments ripped to compounds
Monuments raised to unreachable lows

I disperse your trust
I would reject your trust
I could not shed your thrust

Simply distressed
gently harassed
Fundaments ripped to compounds
Monuments raised to unreachable lows

And as distorted as this fairytale of old and lost
where subjects do digress and poets fall for bittersweet excess
I choke on melodies I shouldn’t comprehend,
more painful than a nail’s caress
the fairy whispers – I am overwhelmed
I strive for an alternate end
I wished for this ordeal..
And as distorted as this fairytale of old and lost
where subjects do digress and poets fall for bittersweet excess
I choke on melodies I shouldn’t comprehend,
more painful than a nail’s caress
the fairy whispers – I am overwhelmed

Scarcely, puppets have been stirred
Seemingly conceptual, actively intellectual, actively refreshed, vividly enhanced
Lastly, puppets will now speak
Sickly differential, typical credential, of woman and a man, sterility of God
Scarcely, puppets have been stirred
Equally conceptual, actually intellectual, actively rejoiced, may my smile be bruised
May my smile be..

Puppets now be stirred
Puppets will now speak,
Puppets as deformed as the Holiest wombs
Puppets that disrupt my slumber
Track Name: Postlude In B Minor, Op.8, Allegro Moderato
Not a word.